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The Advanced Technology of the Lincoln MKZ

The freshly designed Lincoln MKZ incorporates some of the newest automobile technology to make driving pleasant and safe. This mid-sized luxury sedan will deliver comfort and performance in one complete package.

The Lincoln MKZ is built with the Revel audio system that will turn your car into a personal concert venue. 

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Safety and Security: At the Forefront of the Lincoln MKX

Safety and security are at the forefront of many people's minds. You want to keep your loved ones and your possessions safe and secure from accidents or theft. And that's why the popular crossover, the Lincoln MKX, was designed with features that will keep passengers safer in the event of an accident and your possessions more secure in the event of a break-in.

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Experience Luxury with the Lincoln Continental

Luxury vehicles are known for having both advanced technology and for being able to provide those who drive them with a feeling of luxury. The Lincoln Continental accomplishes this wonderfully, filled with plenty of technological features that make the driving experience both easier and safer.

With convenience in mind, the Continental features an advanced syncing system that makes it possible to sync your phone to your car, at which point you can control the phone by using the voice activated screen mounted in the dashboard. 

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What is the Difference in Power Between the Lincoln MKT Trims?

One of the many interesting things about the Lincoln MKT is the fact that Lincoln has chosen to offer the vehicle in only two trims. However, this luxury vehicle works to provide the smoothest of rides in the highest amount of comfort.

Of the two Lincoln MKT trims — the MKT Premier and MKT Reserve — the engine for the Premier develops the least amount of power and torque. The Premier comes standard with a 3.7-liter V6 engine that produces 303-horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. The torque translates into a slower acceleration trait designed to maximize comfort during increasing velocity…

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2018 Lincoln MKZ - The Hybrid with Power and Style

Choosing a vehicle has always been a compromise. If you want efficiency and environmental consideration, you’re often losing power and comfort. If you want power and comfort, you’re burning gallons of fuel and paying for it.

On top of that, for all the love cruise control gets, good luck getting much out of it with the stop-and-go driving in town, especially during rush hour. All of this might change thanks to more of Lincoln’s legendary trend-setting. The new Lincoln MKZ has a powerful turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine. With 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, this…

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What Makes the Lincoln MKC a Stylish Crossover?

The Lincoln MKC is a popular crossover that has several stylish design features. Two examples of these features are its sculpted exterior and the leather-wrapped steering wheel.

This crossover's sculpted exterior is a mixture of a luxury sedan and a crossover. Its HID headlamps with signature LED accents help give the Lincoln MKC a standout appearance. And it has a redesigned signature grille for more dramatic flair. The sculpted exterior also features a low roof, high beltline, and crisp lines. 

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Decide Between All-Weather vs. Carpet Floor Mats

If you are still trying to choose between rubber and carpet floor mats, the team at M & M Lincoln have some information to make that buying decision easier. The all-weather mats are made of a durable rubber that can withstand severe abuse. It doesn't matter if you are hauling dirty cargo, or the kids and pets are dragging in the mud, these rubber mats can be cleaned easily with just a hose. In seconds they will look like new and protect the surface underneath. 

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Why You Should Have a Dash Cam

If you're ever in a car accident, having a dash cam can prove to be invaluable. Many automobile accident boil down to a he-said, she-said situation where anybody can make up the details of what happened. Even when people think they're being honest, certain details that may prove exactly what happened will almost certainly escape people. However, if you were able to catch what happened on a dash cam, there will be no question about what really happened and who was at fault. 

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Put Yourself in Control With the Lincoln MKZ

Among the most popular midsize sedans on the market right now, the Lincoln MKZ offers drivers a combination of sport and comfort. The adaptive suspension allows drivers to choose what type of ride that they would like to have. Comfort mode allows for a more luxurious experience while sport mode allows for more power to flow to the engine.

Adaptive cruise control may help put an end to motion sickness. Instead of continuously starting and stopping suddenly, the MKZ will smoothly start and stop the vehicle based on traffic patterns. 

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Incorrect Tire Pressure Can Affect Your Drive

If the tire pressure indicator lights go off in the car, it is better to take action sooner in this instance than later. If the tire pressure lights are showing the pressure in the tires is too high, the car could be riding only on the center of each tire. Not only does this reduce the handling and make it dangerous driving at higher speeds, you are wearing the tread only in the middle of the tires now.

When the car tire pressure is too low, more of the tire tread is now in contact with the road surface. 

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