Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Our entire staff at M & M Lincoln want you to be an informed driver aware of all the ways you can save on fuel. With the way gas prices fluctuate, it’s important to get the best possible fuel economy regardless of the season. One of the first steps is to drive a more fuel-efficient vehicle. If you drive 15,000 miles per year with the gas price at $2.89, you can save over $700 by driving a vehicle with a 30 mpg rather than 20 mpg. Here are some additional tips.

  • Make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Make sure the vehicle is running properly
  • Combine short trips into one
  • Avoid using AC in the summer or seat warmers in the winter
  • Drive efficiently and don’t speed

If you still have some questions or need some service done on your vehicle, stop in at the shop and let us help. We also stock the full range of new Lincoln cars for sale.



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