Safety on the Road While Dealing With an Emergency

If you're prepared for a roadside emergency, then you can usually get through the ordeal with ease. Make sure all of the proper tools are already in your vehicle for when they are needed. It's better to be prepared and not need things like jumper cables, flares, or a flashlight than it is to need them and not have them in your car.

As long as you can safely move your vehicle, you need to try to get it to a parking lot or off the shoulder until help arrives. Make sure there is a cloth on your window to alert other drivers that something is wrong. Road flares can also be used, especially if you experience an emergency at night.

Stay cautious while outside your vehicle if you plan to try to fix the issue yourself until you're able to get it to M & M Lincoln. Avoid standing on the side of your vehicle that is closest to traffic. If you wait in your vehicle, then keep your seatbelt on and your lights on at all times if possible.



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