Checking Tire Pressure

Tires are such an important part of our car, yet they’re also one of the most neglected parts of the car. We buy tires, have them installed and tend to forget about them until we’re in need of new tires. Not using the right amount of air pressure can put you in need of new tires prematurely. Improper tire pressure can also affect your driving. Visit us at M & M Ford-Lincoln and let us check your tire pressure and offer tips.

Checking the tire pressure regularly is very important because different things can affect tire pressure. Always use the amount of PSI recommended in your vehicle’s manual. Keep in mind that this amount is for a cold tire. In hot weather, you may want to check the pressure more frequently.

Whether you’re in need of a tire gauge, new tires or just have some tire-related concerns, we’re here to help. Visit our dealership and check out our full line of automotive services.



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