Highway Cruising in the Lincoln Navigator

In the Lincoln Navigator, you can enjoy long road trips on the open highway safely. This popular full-sized SUV is available with many advanced safety features at M & M Lincoln. These features are capable of alerting you to possible issues and may even take action to keep you safe.

The Lane-Keeping system can make sure that you stay in your lane. It uses a camera on the back of the rearview mirror to monitor the road. The camera is a sophisticated piece of technology that's smart enough to read the road markings. If you start to drift out of your lane, the Navigator will alert you. It can also provide steering guidance if you don't respond in time.

Another great feature is Pre-Collision Assist. It uses the same camera and additional sensors to monitor the road ahead. If it detects a potential obstacle or slow-moving vehicle ahead of you, audible and visual alerts will let you know. Automatic braking can be applied as well to avoid an accident.



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